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ANAPAK filled gas scrubbers are used in very vast field. It is especially reducing the inorganic odors and vapors to the limits specified by the environment laws. Its general working principle is the chemical oxidation. However it can be designed with thermal oxidation. According to these data gathered temperature, gas amount, fans and canals, body structure, gas liquid mixture ratios, chemical dosing system and amount calculations carry importance in design criteria.
Material selection is made according to the necessary criteria; PP, stainless, PVC, PVDF, FRP, double component materials are used. Tower capacities are designed up to 180,000m3/h flow volume.
Tower Performance depends on
• Flow composition of the contaminant gas
• Dissolving property of the contaminant,
• The type of chemical it reacts to,
• The reaction speed,
• Tower height factor,
• Liquid gas ratio,
• Vertical gas ratio,
• Gas temperature.
Control Equipment
ANAPAK filling scrubber includes, optionally, control boards, flowmeters, pH indicators, ORP conductivity rating control alarms. System starts up automatically with the PLC software. Operator control panel shows the position of all the equipment. All the details, i.e. open/closed, temperatures, pressures, chemical consumptions, flow rates are monitored on this operator panel. The parameters are modified on this panel when needed. Control panels are delivered with IP54-IP44-IP66 exproof and Atex certificate.

For example;
Acidic gasses, inorganic vapors, chronic acids, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorides, SO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC), particles smaller than 2 microns. VOC dissolves especially in water. For gas flows with compounds and in contaminants like methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, butanol, acetone and formaldehyde up to 90-99% efficiency is reached.
Water is the best solvent for inorganic materials. It is the most common cleaning liquid in control of caustic sodium, hydroxide acid gasses. These create neutral dusts.