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Venturi plates scrubbers require low maintenance. They show high performance in removal of dust and some gasses. Especially they are applied in steel ceramic, earth sector and removal of some gasses.
• Minimum level of in body plugging,
• High performance in particle removal
• Low energy consumption
• Easy maintenance
• Wide optional design possibility
Body design is produced optionally from PP material in general. In order to reach every region there is a transparent manhole and exit ladder.
ANAPAK venturi plated scrubber; there are special form gradual plates placed in the venturi scrubber body. Separation capability is designed for dusts and gasses under 5 microns. It is possible to reach 98% efficiency for finer dusts. In plated scrubbers have lower water consumption compared to other types. However pressure loss increases a small amount.
ANAPAK plated scrubbers can be produced as standard up to 300,000 m3/h. There are no mechanical part in ANAPAK plated scrubbers. They require no serious maintenance and its operation costs are very low.
Collection of Dusts and Gasses
It is an ideal ANAPAK plated dust and gas collector for finer gas and dusts. For the interim body special porous plates are placed up to 3 grades and through these 98% efficiency is reached for dusts under 5 micron. ANAPAK plated scrubbers are economic with simple and easy installation.
• Contaminated Gas Intake
• Venturi
• Plate
• Clean Gas Output
• Control Cover