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ANAPAK vector brooms are special designs designed to serve in various areas of the industry. They have a strong suction resistant structure. Centralized configuration is available with fixed electric driven mobile trailers or on-board mobile configuration electric and diesel options. Apart from the dry type powder and granular material there are options for collecting moist material and also for drawing slurry. Sludge types are ideal for sewer cleaning, especially in small towns and cities.
Most of the time, by taking into consideration the demands and demands of the customer, after the on-site inspection, ANAPAK engineers recommend the most suitable model;

-Steel factories crane ways,

-Glass mills band paths and mixer solid,

-Foundry factories,

-Detergent factories,

-Food factories and other facilities

Trailer or over the truck mounted industrial hovers can be manufactured completely with filters with automatic air cleaning, pumps with high vacuum ability and optional electrical or diesel generator motor, 4” to 8” contact flex hose, hydraulic tank raising mechanisms, automatic control panel.
Used Areas
• They are proper for factory sites
• Corrosive ash, sand particle dusts
• Damp, wet and muddy material suction.

SS3000 ANAPAK hovers for factory usage can be produced in fixed type that is placed on a rail or mountable on truck trailer type.
They can be driven by electrical or diesel motors. There are cooling vacuum pumps present at 3000 m3/h flow rate and 500 mbar pressure or optionally at 700 mbar vacuum capacity.
• According to the customer needs special design in capacity and type,
• They are compact with high mobility
• They have a strong and endurance structure.
• The dusts released to atmosphere is less than 20mgr/m3.
Used locations
• Glass Factories – Cement Industry – Lime Facilities,
• Mining – Ceramic Factories – Plaster Production
• Coal Crushing – Drying, Sieving Facilities
• Ship Scraper Holes and Ship Cleaning