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In industrial facilities,  before the separation of the large dust particles from the air and Dust Capturing Filters, they are used as a Preliminary Separator for the purpose of reducing the dust particle load reaching the filter. Cyclones can capture all of the large dust particles down to 50 µ however cannot capture dust particles under 10 µ.  Bagged filters are needed for these escapee dusts.

Working Principle:

To the dusty gas entering at the cyclone entrance tangentially with high velocity, a helical flow form is administered through the cyclone construction and it is provided that the particles with density higher than the carrier medium are directed to the cyclone walls with the centrifugal force. Due to the sudden speed change within the cyclone the particles losing their momentum slide down the cyclone wall to the high angle conic collection bunker. The gas freed off the dusts it carries via this mechanism is released at the upper end of the cyclone through the exit pipe at the cyclone center. If the released air contains fine dust particles they can be used together with the Bagged Filter Units to capture these particles


  • High efficiency dust particle capture property
  • Preliminary storage advantage in its bunker 
  • Possibility to be designed special for all capacities and all kinds of gas
  • Low operation and maintenance costs 

ANAPAK offers special options in cyclones.

  • Single and multi-cyclones