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There is a Spiral Drive under the filter. These coils and drive buckets are designed according to technical capacitive value and general characteristics.

Shells:                   : V type and body thicknesses are made of 3 mm St 37 material

Wings:                    : Wings are made of 4.5 mm St 37 black welded. Intermediate
Beds            : There is a hanging type intermediate bed every 3 m and the beds have a dry type graphite teflon bed.

Head Bearings:             : SKF or FAG series UCFC type is used in the head bearing head bearings.

Drive:                        : Drive at 30-40 r / min. geared, driven by direct coupling, star coupling is used.

In the Jet-Pulse filters, the fan creates a suction effect during operation, so that the bags are flattened and a cage is placed inside them so that the air cannot pass.  160 mm diameter is produced in single or double parts according to the condition of the place.  The cage joint is made with special plastering rings so as not to damage the bag. Our cages are manufactured with tailstock in special machines and then they are protected against corrosion. If for any reason one of the cage is broken or one of the wires is separated, they should not be used like this because they will cause the bags to be punctured and the cages should be replaced with new ones.

It is used for the discharge of dust and granular materials under the equipments like Jet-Pulse filter, cyclone, separator and silo. It operates conveniently without leakage under the differential pressure difference of around 1 bar.


Application areas: cement, plastic powder, chemical powders, sand and similar materials.


It is designed in two types as 250 mm and 400 mm.

It is possible to make two types of classification according to the drive status.These varieties are geared with a gear and chain mechanism and a chain drive with a power transmission.

Made by St 37, AISI 304

According to Size: 250, 400 mm

According to Drive Status: Sprocket, Coupling

Usage areas;


plastic powder,

chemical powders,

sand and similar materials.

The microprocessor-based timers that adjust the shock power and shock times of the valves play a major role in the cleaning of the filter.

The filter is designed according to the number of valves.


Operating voltage: : 110/220V AC
Operating frequency : 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: : 25W
Max. Number of Outlets : 32
Output voltage, Current max. : (24V – 1A) – (220V – 6A) – (110V – 6A)
DP measuring rangeı : 0 – 70 mbar
Ambient temperature: : -10 °C ile +120 °C
Connection type: : All connections are made with plug-in terminals

The main element in cleaning dusty gases is the filter bag. The bag allows the filtration of dust particles in the gases that are absorbed by the fan. Bag shapes and contents are determined according to gas and preferred filter conditions. Polyester Bag Flat Bag Cartridge Bag

The valve dispenses the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the bag by means of a jet of spray to the inner surface of the bag, whereby the bags are cleaned at regular intervals. Good operation and adjustment of the impact valves is very important in order not to lose the air permeability of the bags for a long time.


External housing: Aluminum injection

Sleeve, core and check.

Diaphragm: Neoprene

Operating Temperature: 0-80Co

Coil Voltage: 220,110, 24,12 AC / DC ± 10%