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(PBV) From Pneumatic Transport Systems to Dense Phase Transfers Pressure Balance Valves are used. PBV-20 Balance Valves senses blockages in the Pneumatic Transfer lines and depending on the pressure drop it sends injection air to the clogged point. PBV-20 Pressure Balance Valves provides for the Pneumatic Transfer Systems to restart after their stop without clogging. Especially it is seen to give important results in long distances.


•        Prevents blockage and clogging in transfer lines
•    Ideal for breakable, sticky, hard and heavy raw materials.
•    Takes under control the resistances and speed at pipes and elbows.
•    It is designed completely mechanical. 
•    Cleans the line at stops and brings it ready for the new transfer.
•    Requires no maintenance 

Usage Areas:

•        Coal –  Cement –  Calcite –  Dolomite  –  Sand
•        Soda  –  Metal Dust –  Feldspar 
•        Kaolin –  Plaster –  Lime etc.