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Dense Phase Pneumatic Transfer Systems are classified according to the movement type of the solid substance in the pipe as Pulse Type or continuous type.
For this type of transfer middle and high pressures are required, thus as main movement force dry pressurized air is used. In special cases, it can be mandatory to use Nitrogen or inert gasses.

In dense phase systems are designed with relatively low transport speeds and under 5m/s. However, the start pressures can exceed 3 to 4 bars as designed proportional to the transfer ranges and line resistance. Pipe diameters are designed according to the production needs and are relatively smaller.
There is a pressurized case for taking and transferring dust and granule material. While discharging the transfer air pulse jet filters are used at discharge points, there are adjustable negative and positive operable valves at discharge points. In order to balance the transfer line pressures, prevent blockages and minimize air consumption volumetric adjustable pressure balance valves specially designed by ANAPAK are used on the pipelines.

Dense phase pneumatic transport provides the best transfer with very low speed and minimum air, low energy consumption for hard, corrosive, brittle and breakable materials. In pipes and elbows there is minimum abrasion, long life and minimum maintenance cost.

Product air ratio can be realized between 1-20 to 1-100 in ANAPAK dense phase systems.

Transport pressure is between 2.5-5 bars. Transport distance is 200 m, Transport capacity is about 1-100 tons, Transport air is normal or nitrogen.


•        No loss in transferred material
•    Homogenous transport of the material,
•    Takes small place
•    Pipes directed as desired
•    No moving parts
•    Small pipe diameters
•    Low maintenance cost
•    Easy installation
•    Low noise level. 
Usage Areas;
•        Cement –  Ash –  Soda- Calcite – Dolomite – Coal 
•        Metal dust- Sand – Feldspar – Alumina – Grain 
•    Sunflower – Wheat – Corn – Coffee – Sugar – Flour
•        Dust and materials up to 5mm size. 
•        Glass industry – Cement – Metallurgy 
•    Foundries, Food Industry, Plastic etc.