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For more than 30 years, ANAPAK has carried out the installation of pneumatic conveying systems from 10 tons to 500 meters, from 1 ton / h up to 300 t / h, according to changing conditions with the air mixture of powder and granular materials.The physical characteristics of the material to be transported in the pneumatic conveying system, the granular material, the actual bulk density, the shape of the grains, the ability to flow, the properties of the particles to adhere to each other, the temperature, the fracture crumbling property, the sensitivity, the degree of humidity, the flammable explosive properties such as pneumatic conveyance system selection and engineering calculations after selection After installation, it is very important to work efficiently.ANAPAK experience is sufficient for realizing the most difficult solutions and you can always contact us.

ANAPAK pneumatic conveying system is carried out by using blower with rare phase as dense phase, densporter and pressure vessel.In order to achieve success in the design and installation of pneumatic conveying systems, high experience is required.