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After the dusty and granular materials are stored in silos, the main problem is the regular emptying of the entire product.Most of the time, a flow through a hole created in the center or no flow through the other part is stable and over time it is stone.The solution of such problems can be done in the following 3 ways.

– Mechanical systems,
– With vibrating systems,
– Cool fluid systems.

Mechanical systems, especially flat bottom silos are used in equipment such as screw conveyor, chain conveyor, rotary pallet collector.Vibrating systems are generally applied to the outer wall of the silo.Vibromotor mounted directly on the silo body or an actuator manufactured as a mirrored table.Especially ANAPAK production provides an exact solution for silo fluids if an actuator is selected correctly.The air flowing systems are carried out by means of a gas spraying method in the silo.This gas is usually 0-3 bar compressed air. Here the silo structure of the material according to the characteristics of the ANAPAK akdivasyon air pressure diaphragm or pressure can be used.