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Filters are used to remove excess dust from a gas stream by mechanical means and prevent environmental pollution.  Achieving maximum efficiency depends on which process is appropriate and the right choice for gas separation. The area where the gas enters the gas in a dust catch can be separated into the area in which the particles are separated, the area in which the particle is collected, and the region where the clean gas is removed.  In the design criteria, it is necessary to know gas density, flow rate, temperature, viscosity, gas flow pressure, explosive, flammable properties.

Filtration happens in two ways:

1) Surface filtration: It is the process of filtering directly by the filter element

2) Deep filtration: In this process, instead of the filter surface formed by the powder paste, this section increases the efficiency.
However, control of the thickness of the cake is very important for preventing the pressure increase.
The main parameters of the filters are:

a) Separation efficiency (mgr / m3)

b) Continuous operation pressure drop (mbar)

c) Dust separation capacity (gr / m3)

The right choice for maximum efficiency is possible with the right design.  With many years of experience, ANAPAK is ready to solve the most difficult problems. As the main metallurgical factory smoke absorption system, baghouse filter has successfully applied jet pulse filter systems up to 5.000.000 m3 / h and achieved success in dedusting.

For odor elimination;
They use VOC organic compounds, COC chlorinated compounds, solvent-based products, various printing paints, solvents, varnishes, glues, adhesives, etc.  In addition, fiberglass resin polyester production facilities are manufactured as package units up to 30.000 m3 / h for the removal of the contaminant with an activated carbon filter below 100 ppm.


Body features:

  • Galvanized sheets or stainless steel
  • Carbon cartridge
  • Replacement covers
  • Cartridge or panel options
  • Absorbent fan option
  • Complete installation
  • Low noise level,
  • 1,000 to 150,000 m3 / h flow options
  • 1,000 to 250mmSS static pressure
  • Sizing according to customer needs and location

MSDJ Ceramic filter can work efficiently in temperature up to 850ºC. MSDJ filtration elements have best filtration results, lowest emission values, low differential pressure and are surface focused.


  • 850ºC heat resistance
  • Spark Resistant
  • Nonflammable
  • Self supporting
  • Emission value 1mgr/m3
  • Resistance against high chemicals


Usage Areas

  • Biocoal waste burning facilitiesi
  • Wood gasification
  • Glass melting furnaces
  • Ceramic furnaces
  • Radioactive material separation
  • Chemistry industry applicationsı
  • Melting furnaces
  • Boilers on coal.


Ceramic filters has the ability to capture particle matter NOx, SO2. Ceramic filters work in high temperatures and are resistant against corrosion. Two types of ceramic filters are produced. For NOx removal ultra ceramic and catalyst filter. Both filters are similar but the difference is that for disposing of NOx dioxin there is SCR catalyst nano bits to filter walls.

In ceramic filters the integration of mechanical parts, impermeability elements selection, surface area determination, rating of cleaning systems are very important. ANAPAK, based on its experience reaching 30 years, is ready to solve your current and future problems.

Ceramic Filter Elements
Ceramic filter elements are cylindrical filters with high filtration capacity.

  • Heavy carrier body construction
  • PulseJet cleaning system
  • High temperature dust discharge equipment
  • Ceramic filter design


ANAPAK provides some advantages compared to its competitors in Bunker Modular Filters. First of all, dust enters to a large volume chamber and heavy particles move towards the floor with a large turbulence and get down to the dust bunker. Then the calmed dusty air is directed to the bags which is ideal for the life of the bags. Using low pressure, less air in cleaning, the low energy usage provides that the pulse valves to have long life.

Operation conditions of modular filters the condition of the location are considered and a special design is provided. It is specially designed up to 4 million m3/h – 60,000 m2 surface area.
It is designed as the pulse valves are directly effective.
A high pulse is performed in fractions of a millisecond and their cleaning effect is very efficient.
Mostly it can even clean in 2 bar pressure. 
Only diaphragm is replaced in maintenance and it is possible to replace with simple support tools.
ANAPAK filtering systems provide multi-alternative applications. 
Cleaning systems, screwed and chained conveyor dust removers, monitoring system on central computer, leak detection monitors and leak finding system, bag contamination control, temperature control are the additional measures for special conditions.



Usage Areas:

  • -Steel Factories
  • -Power Plants

Cyclojet cylindrical filters are designed for places with high vacuum, high pressure and explosion risk. They are applied for locations like explosive dusts, preliminary separation requiring mills, product transfer, central vacuum hovers.

In preliminary separator the dusts enter the body tangential and the special design properties of aNAPAK separates the particles first with utilization of cyclone at the cylindrical wall and directs below.

Our this type cyclone filters are present in our production up to 90.000 m3/h capacity. ANAPAK special design dust entry consists of double wall body structure that is high vacuum, explosion secure with durability up to 2 bars, and stainless carbon steel body, easy access and central covers.



  • High vacuum and high pressure applications,
  • 2-2.5-3-4m bag lengths
  • Surface area up to 800m2
  • 1000gr / m3 dust separation capability,
  • Low maintenance,
  • 60-65 ° lower conical hopper


Teslim Şekli


  • 120-280 ° C option bags
  • Carbon or stainless cages,
  • 4mt paint up bag option,,
  • Access covers,
  • Exit ladder
  • Quick-release solenoid valve groups




Scope of application


  • Dryers
  • Coal boilers
  • Coal grinding plants
  • Coal drying plants
  • High vacuum pneumatic conveyors.


Optional Equipments


  • Special explosion covers
  • Anti static bags
  • Oxygen Control Analyzers
  • Nitrogen or chlorine gas cleaning system
  • Atex certified production
  • Exproof valves
  • Special alloy design
  • Filter heating or cooling equipment
  • Special wear plates

Economic, compact dust filters are applied for point dust suction locations, over silo exhaust discharge, belt ways, air transport, belt transfer stations, bulk trailer and truck loading points, bunker unloading points 


-Complete mounted for shipment, fast installation
-Simple design for easy maintenance
-High efficiency: 99.9%
-25 250 m2 Filtered areas
-All caps, pipes, valves and cables are connected, completely welded and bolted property with timer
-For standard operational temperatures up to 130 for special design up to 280 degrees

Our high performance filters work with PulseJet technology. They have up to 5m bag length and 130-160 mm bag diameter options. They can be manufactured up to 700 m2 surface area. Our modular filters have an front entrance and a sedimentation part. Most of the dust is separated here and smaller amounts of fine dust is directed to the bags. Multi-fan systems can be mounted on the filters according to their capacity condition.
The most important advantages of our designs is the optimum cleaning with low pressure air and maintenance possibility while the system is running.
Modular filters can be placed consecutively as modules and reach higher capacity. They can be completely demounted and reassembled. They are proper for land and sea shipments. They can be shipped with all the connections made.


Usage Areas;

  • Drying Ovens
  • Packaging Machines
  • conveyors
  • Chemical Plants
  • Ideal for foundries.